browser-based web development platform built entirely in PostgreSQL

The Challenge with Programming and Aquameta’s Solution

Software development has become extremely complex due to decades of non-standardized programming methodologies, competing platforms, and centralized silos of information.  Aquameta fundamentally reimagines this by placing traditional components of web architecture (the operating system, web server, file system, command line, programming languages, widgets, services, version control, and more) in a single relational database, reifying the stack as relational data.

Today, developers work with a programming stack composed of diverse languages and syntaxes.  Within Aquameta's development environment, all of these parts are represented as data: accessible through direct manipulation, with highly reusable micro-components and modular tools.  Our goal is to build a stack where developers can easily exchange full-stack components, opening the door to interchangeable parts at internet scale.  This radically reduces the amount of original programming needed to build applications.